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Our Staff

Carol Coleman, B.S., M.A. Family Therapist

For over 25 years Carol has involved and dedicated herself to the recovery of clients, their families, and loved ones. Addiction is a family disease and the family recovers together. Carol works with clients individually on a daily basis, and she also has the privilege of facilitating multi-faceted family groups twice weekly at Spencer Recovery Center. During these family groups, she, clients and family members examine communication styles and how families can interact more productively to ensure that everyone has a voice. These groups provide a safe and supportive environment in which to express feelings and resolve conflict. Watching these changes and being part of the solution has been Carol’s motivation and reward for many, many years.

Nancy J. Wilson, C.S.A.C.

Nancy has served in the field of addiction for 18 years. She is a graduate of Saddleback College and is certified in Drug and Alcohol Counseling and Human Services. Nancy’s work continues to engage her; she is compelled to adapt to each client’s unique situation and she thrives on that diversity.  She has done crisis intervention, family counseling, and also manages a caseload of clients in different stages of treatment. Nancy states, “Guiding clients to life changes and teaching them to build on their strengths to live a clean and sober life is a rewarding and satisfying career.”

Dr. Laura Lee Flaherty , N.P.T., Psy.D

Dr. Lauralee Flaherty's career has focused on psychological trauma and addiction beginning in 1990. She has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from CIHS, and she is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Lauralee also pioneered the field of Nurse Practitioner in 1982. Before earning her doctorate Lauralee earned her BS in Nursing at Dubuque University, and her Masters in Psychology at Pepperdine University.
Lauralee’s psychological experience includes treatment of the effects of trauma on addiction, and eating disorders. She treats patients with symptoms ranging from mild anxiety to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Although trained traditionally in the medical field, Lauralee now takes a more integrative and holistic approach to balancing brain and body chemistries by utilizing Nutritional Psychology. This field combines nutritional therapy with psychological components to eliminate addictive cravings. Dr. Flaherty also maintains a private practice in Laguna Beach, CA.

Yianna Dereschuk, Registered Dietitian

Yianna graduated from CSLUB in 1995 and after completing her internship in 1997, she worked within the fields of chemical dependency and mental health. Yianna enjoys being an active participant in her clients path toward recovery.  “I have worked with Spencer Recovery Centers since 2004 and it is a privilege to work with such a compassionate team dedicated to their clients’ well being.” The Spencer organization and Yianna both place a great emphasis on nutrition and its essential importance to recovery. Yianna facilitates nutrition groups and meets with clients individually to ensure that clients receive education on better dietary practices and healthier living.

Matt Valent, Massage Therapist

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