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Executive Rehab Program – Custom Care

This program for executive clients provides a high level of privacy and exclusivity. Private rooms, comfortable accommodations, and expert staff create an environment conducive to a quick and relaxed recovery process. Read More »

Prescription Drug Care

Prescription drug addiction is becoming one of the most common forms of addiction. Our prescription drug program provides specialized care for patients who have become dependant on prescribed medication. Detox, inpatient, and outpatient programs are available.
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Faith-Based Rehab Program

The path to recovery for many patients is through a deeper connection with their religious faith. Our faith-based program takes a Christian perspective on recovery and helps the patient get in touch with a higher power that can restore them to health and happiness. Read More »

Extended Long Term Care

Continued care and extended care programs are available to help smooth the transition from the rehab program to living a healthy sober life in the outside world. Sober living gradually introduces the patient to a new way of life and provides the tools for coping successfully and avoiding relapse. Internships are available. Read More »

Low Cost Rehab Program

We pride ourselves on providing recovery options for patients at all income levels. Low cost options still provide the same quality service and care and have a great track record of successful long-term recovery. Read More »

Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment program provides focused, 24 hour, intensive treatment where the patient can concentrate solely on recovery. These programs vary in length depending upon the needs of the individual. When necessary, residential treatment can be followed by outpatient or sober living programs as well.
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Home Care

Home Care treatment brings the recovery center to you. It’s not for everyone but if you find yourself absolutely unable to leave your area we have developed a home coaching program to effectively recover from alcohol and drug abuse while under home care. Valuable treatment begins with expert guidance and this program brings it to you.
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