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Drug & Alcohol Intervention

Spencer Recovery Centers offer compassionate intervention services to help convince addicted people to commit to rehabilitating their lives. All interventions are conducted under the supervision of our intervention professionals who are licensed and have certifications from the California Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor/Interventionist (C.D.A.C.).

Many people come to us who say that they’ve got an impossible situation and don’t believe the intervention will be successful and yet our interventionist is able to get the person into treatment. It can work and it begins with having the courage to begin with a phone call.

The First Step

The greatest obstacle to treatment for the chemically dependent person is denial. One way to overcome denial is through intervention. Guided by specialists at the Spencer Recovery Centers, family members, friends, employers, and significant others learn how to deal with the person and the disease by breaking through denial.

Working together, the counselor and the significant others help the dependent person view his or her illness through the devastating effects it is having on others. It is then that a decision is usually made to seek treatment. The intervention process works. Most chemically dependent people, who undergo intervention, make the decision to enter treatment. That is their first step toward recovery.

A Successful Process

Intervention is a process that is 90-95% successful in confronting (with love and compassion), the alcohol or drug dependent individual on the severity of their disease. Family members, who exert an influence on the dependent’s life, and a counselor, gather together and present facts and data related to the chemically dependent’s problem and consequences. The process of intervention is designed to smash through the dependent’s rigid denial defense mechanisms and break through to reality.

Facing Reality

The reality- That they are dying of a disease that is chronic, progressive, fatal, incurable, and, if left untreated, that can result in premature death. This disease is called Chemical Dependence and it requires treatment like any other disease.

Some of the interventions we facilitate are

  • Drug Interventions
  • Alcohol Interventions
  • Marijuana Interventions
  • Cocaine Interventions
  • Meth Interventions
  • Prescripion Drugs Interventions

Telephone: (800) 334-0394 - 24 Hours/Day

Treatment at Spencer Recovery Centers is covered by most insurance.

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