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Families & Parents

We are sensitive to the fact that often much of the information you find is geared toward the dependent person even though from our experience  much of the time it is the parents or other family members who are reaching out trying to find help for their loved ones.

Spencer Recovery Centers has helped put many families back together through successful interventions to long term treatment and lifelong sobriety. We have helped grandchildren do interventions on their grandparents, helped parents stop the destructive behaviors of their children and everything in between. We treat the whole family during our process and have in person counseling sessions or phone sessions to support healthy family communication.

We know you are confused and your child or loved one is most likely putting up a big defense against getting any kind of help believing incorrectly that either they do not have a problem or that they can get better on their own.

We know they blame you and others around them and circumstances as reasons for the continued abuse of drugs and alcohol but of course none of it makes sense in the light of the destruction the substance abuse is causing to themselves and everybody around them.

Though every family is unique most share the feeling that their loved one will not go into treatment willingly nor remain sober after treatment. Our interventionists go into situations everyday facing heavy resistance and almost always get the person into treatment when the family follows the interventionist’s instructions.

We have a 90-95% success rate to prove it so call today. We know it feels hopeless and we know the courage it takes to call but we also know your family is worth it.

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