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Extended Care

The transition back into everyday life is crucial to the recovery process. The Extended Care Program is designed to assist clients with a smooth transition from residential care to a less restrictive environment. The program focuses on community integration skills, work skills, relapse prevention, and ongoing healthy sober living.  By continuing to attend groups and stay in contact with the staff at Spencer Recovery, clients can ensure continued recovery and successful relapse prevention.

Services Provided

- Weekly private counseling sessions
- Continued group therapy
- Sober living accountability groups
- Relapse prevention workshops
- Community integration
- Job training and internship

Relapse Prevention

Although rehab provides clients with the tools needed for sobriety, it is important for clients to stay connected with to a therapeutic environment. Without a clear plan for remaining sober after treatment, relapse can be a very real danger. Spencer Recovery’s Extended Care program has proven to be effective in preventing relapse and helping the client’s transition from rehab to a long, happy, sober life.

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